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Duramax Fuel Filter Relocation Kits

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Duramax Fuel Filter Relocation Kits are FINALLY HERE!!

If you have ever changed a fuel filter on a Duramax? If so you have probably found yourself applying a liberal dose of colorful language to the hour + long process. 

GOOD NEWS! Now you will only have to go through that process one more time. Unfortunately in order to install our fuel filter relocation kit you must for the last time remove the inner fender to remove the factory filter head. Once installed next to the A/C pump all future changes will be in the 15 minute ballpark. While you will be tempted to search for our faces on candles at the grocery store (is this just an Arizona thing?), alas we have not been made saints just yet. Please feel free to let us know how pleased (or unpleased) you are.