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Our first blog post!

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A little about Western Diesel

We are the new kids on the block when it comes to diesel parts. That doesn't mean we are new to diesels. Western Diesel is owned by two brothers that grew up on a small farm in southern Arizona. In addition to raising more hell than crops we were both into mechanical things from a very early age. We started driving tractor at age 8 and built our first engines at ages 10&12. Our blog may go into some of these past adventures at some future time to help give some flavor to our products. 

For now a more relevant background. With a combined 40 years experience in, engineering, test, and in-depth automotive repair we have set out with the lofty goal of fixing some of the more ridiculous mistakes made by the big three. We will post in these pages some of the issues as we see them and what we have done to correct them. 

We hope to look forward to years of servicing the diesel community.